About My Travels

Before the age of 19, I had never set foot in Europe. In my head it was this magical land that, growing up in Hawaii, I always thought would be simply too far to ever visit. This changed when I had the opportunity to study abroad and finally see what Europe had to offer. I voyaged to Athens, and spent the next Fall of 2013 exploring magical Greece and taking a few weekend trips to other countries.

Fast forward two years: As my college graduation loomed nearer, the idea of working 9-5 at a desk after spending the last 17 years of my life at a school desk made me feel increasingly claustrophobic. Instead, I wanted to travel for at least a few months, but also knew that I shouldn’t blow all of my savings on one trip. I found a great solution when I heard about Au Pairing, and found a lovely host family outside of Utrecht, the Netherlands, which was my home base for traveling Europe for a year. In August, 2016, I moved to Melbourne, Australia, for 6 more months of abroad adventures.

I wanted to create this blog as an online space where I could share photos, stories, lessons, and thoughts, and read similar content like-minded travelers from all over the world 🙂

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